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Internet Explorer no es el navegador más seguro que se puede usar hoy en día.De hecho, Microsoft ha introducido uno más moderno, Microsoft Edge, en la versión más reciente de su sistema operativo, Windows 10.Aun así, todavía mucha gente utiliza Internet Explorer y por eso es importante repasar sus opciones de seguridad y Acceda a Internet Explorer, Herramientas, Opciones de Internet, Contenido, Certificados, Personal. Habrá un certificado identificado con su nombre y D.N.I o N.I.E.

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I use Ultrasurf sometimes to get to facebook and youtube, recently when not on ultrasurf, I'm unable to connect to this site anymore unless I re-connect to ultrasurf. yes i had use ultrasurf before..after that i got problems to use ie..i thought that if i delete/remove the software i recently use(that is ultrasurf) it  What you could also check is your Internet Explorer settings.

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También puedes hacer clic en el botón Nueva carpeta . Aparecerá un cuadro de diálogo donde debes escribir el nombre que llevará y finalmente, tendrás que presionar el botón Crear . I've tried resetting my Internet Explorer settings, as well as "reinstalling" Internet Explorer 10, but none of that worked. I also removed UltraSurf from my computer, but it still doesn't work. So UltraSurf must have done something with Internet Explorer's files or something. Internet Explorer messed up by UltraSurf? Hello, I use my Windows 8 laptop at school, but sometimes to bypass the internet filter I use a program called UltraSurf, which is a free proxy program that is mainly used in China/North Korea to bypass all the Communist restrictions there.


It allows a number of VPN addresses of a number of  Apart from this, UltraSurf also enables the user in entering some of the sites that are not protected and are barred due to their unsafe feature. Download UltraSurf. Excellent program for moving around firewalls while remaining secretive. ✓ Virus Free.

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More importantly, host sites won’t UltraSurf is a freeware Internet censorship circumvention product created by UltraReach Internet Corporation. The software bypasses Internet censorship and firewalls using an HTTP proxy server, and employs encryption protocols for privacy. This works best with Internet Explorer, but it also works with other browsers. Main Features.

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Windows. Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become the world's most popular pro-privacy.. UltraSurf is the application that enables users to scout the net anonymously and safely thanks  While using this utility for the first time, it immediately loads Internet Explorer. Plus, it makes it possible to search the Internet fast.

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